Competition entry for the construction of a landmark structure at Za’beel to promote the new face of Dubai.

The proposal both performs as a symbol of new Dubai and storey-tells the phenomenal evolution of the city. The steel structure is designed to illustrate the transformation of Dubai from a small trading port that heavily relies on local pearl diving to a major multi-cultural commercial and travel hub with the highest rates of international business activity.

The porous netted configurations seeks to filter, frame, and highlight the scenery towards the new cityscape while further emphasizing the movement from Dubai’s past to its aspiring future.

This movement is primarily accentuated through the vertical transformation of the steel structure. 

The project’s architecture seeks to draw attention to Dubai’s character. It is a tourist attraction that communicates with the visitors’ minds; it both provokes an appreciation of the Dubai’s brilliant development and informs about the city’s personality. It is the icon that initiates a dialogue between Old Dubai and its new face; the local pearl diving community and the international business and travel hub; the city’s unique identity narrated by both its history and future.