Located in Langley BC, in the Willoughby neighbourhood, the Aristotle is a 6-storey multi-family residential development.  It has a total of 173 units with a variety of sizes, comprised of 46 1-bedroom and 127 2-bedroom units.

The project is located in a high density residential area, therefore a large plaza and outdoor amenity located at the center of the site are designed to provide open social space. The clever facade design that breaks up the large massing blocks made this tall building less visually dominant, and blended better into the community. The layout of the building also created a harmonious street definition, and is set closely to the sidewalk.

With the visually raised one storey of the central 4-storey elements, the lobby and plaza area are now large and bright, allowing the pedestrians to feel more welcomed. To increase accessibility, a second lobby is created at the corner of the street.  Although residences in the first floor have direct access, landscape buffers are thoughtfully designed to provide privacy.

The ground floor of the building has brick exterior materials, creating a sturdy and modern street front. The upper part of the building incorporated a combination of fibre cement and wood imitating fibre, which added a sense of warmth and homey feeling. Together, the geometric structure and the exterior material resembles a west coast contemporary design.

Project website: https://aristotleliving.com/