The proposed design is based on the architectural design guidelines for this area. The overall massing has been broken down into smaller building blocks. Lower level elements are clad in brick. They serve as the base for the much lighter upper level elements that are mainly consist of window walls. 

Although the building massing is relatively large, the design highly emphasizes on the human scale. Individual direct entrances are highlighted with setbacks, colorful doors and12 feet high entrance trellis. Generous setbacks are incorporated in the design, especially on the upper floors. This helps to break down the overall massing, layering the building and keeping it pedestrian friendly.

The brick elements are varying in height and setback to help reduce a repetitive impression of the façade. The design wraps playfully around corners and the building has entrances facing all directions and is fronting all streets. The soft transition from the public walkway over private patios to these individual entrances activates the street edge and encourages interaction.